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We all know how corrupt and what a LIAR Blunkett was and we also know Tony B-liar is also - this is why he made sure David Blunkett got back in power, never trust this Totalitarian Regime.

You need to look long term, the EU was planned a very long time ago by Big Banks and so was a American Union or Pan -American Union - this all leads to one thing - Global Governance - a One World Government - where all will be entered in to the Brave New World and probably most likely enslaved as a result.

They will enslave you all if you accept ID cards it will be the beginning to a dark world for everyone on this planet.

Yes I know the masses (controlled-manipulated sheep) think it is just a conspiracy theory even if it was a conspiracy fact then they have shown they arrogance and pure ignorance by not doing investigative research for themselves, but it is not a conspiracy (you have no idea of the meaning of th word do you?) it is however an Agenda that has been planned for many years and shared by many sick individuals.

Pity none of you know real history and only believe the 'official story' like with everything else – even when the real factual based evidence is out there for us all to find.

Do not let the Nazis win again! They never really went away you know! They still own/run the UN and hijacked the USA a long time ago, even the CIA were formed by Nazi war criminals in 1947, they do not try to hide these facts they have declassified all of it (and said as much 40 years after 20 year prior to officially declassifying important docs) they had recruited Nazi war criminals to work for the US Government and science community.

You do have Free Will every human being does - every living thing does. Now why not try using it.

Question the authoritarian state which is run by corporate cartels, think for yourself, do not ever accept pre-engineered opinions made by the corporate controlled media or state, always come to your own conclusions not influenced by anyone but yourself - at all times. I doubt many can really does this since the masses are a bunch of manipulated sheep that get fed a load of c.r.a.p.

ID cards will never address any of our man made issues here, we must respect the nature of our own created problems, capitalism has never worked and never will, communism is now often admitted to be the greatest form of capitalism. But yet again the west funded all of that too, all Nazism and communism. All of it.

We hold the real power - so wake up and use it or lose it for good! This time we are fighting Global Tyranny. Do not let these political elite scum take our freedom away, they hate us more than you will ever believe and do the most disloyal work. Yes all political parties are in fact the same - most always share the same ideals and policies. just look at their hypocrisy and lies to realise this, they rely on brainwashing us from a young age by indoctrinating our children and do a great job by large.

ID cards can be stopped - in fact every unethical thing can be stopped if you believe it can be! And we still can make this world a beautiful place to live in before all of life is destroyed.

Remember that your brain has been pre-wired and pre-conditioned to think a certain way about everything, you need to restructure your brain. What you believe is possible, not believing will shorten your horizons! You really want to be limited that much?

Some politicians have already said as much (in Wales for one) and really they may as well be -

We're already on our way to fighting these Global Tyrants - lets show them peacefully that we can stop what we want and make sure we keep our freedom in tact.

We can never trust anyone with absolute power not even ourselves - why would one want that in the first place?! You'd have to have some obsessive illness like most in politics. Scientists have even proven that people who are successful at getting power either corporately or politically on a big scale then they do generally share similarities to psychopaths.

If all of us go to jail then maybe this sick government will be happy to put several million more in jail to? Less for them to keep under control in the open I guess....

Keep Faith in yourself and humanity despite our dark history. And remember to be happy.

Always remember to have a good time resisting and to never commit an act of violence - never!
Voice, 15 years ago.

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