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i wonder if there is an analogy here that could prove useful. smoke poured onto bees makes them think "eek! forest fire! let's go eat honey and escape with our lives so we can start a new hive!" and this keeps them suitably occupied.

oh - wait, no: what i believed would be a possible opportunity to state a positive analogy is over-ruled by the opportunity to point out a negative one.

goebbels stated that the best way for a government to get its own way is to point out that "they (the Bad People we want to eradicate) can Get You In Your Own Home".

and this very same tactic is presently being utilised both in america and here in the uk.

trouble is, it's smoke they're blowing.


if anyone else can think of a good way to make psychological "smoke" that would achieve the desired effects ("eek! fire! eat honey! run away!") the UK government so desperately wants - _without_ shoving biometric ID cards down our throats - please _please_ speak up.
Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton, 15 years ago.

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