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We already have more CCTV cameras than the USA and Russia put together - pleading for them to place more is not much better than surrendering your freedom.

CCTV cameras did not stop this London terror attack because it is state sponsored terrorism. ID cards will never stop or prevent terrorism.

We have to fight the CAUSE NOT THE SYPTOMS!

We have to get the political elite out and corporate government out - to localise powers and stop centralising them and handing our lives over to sick institutions.

ID cards will never have any positive outcome - anyone wit sense who thinks freely for themselves can realise this with ease, you need to start thinking for yourself people - come to your own opinions not the ones fed into the corporate controlled media or the elite Regime that rules you.

We will not allow our Freedom, Privacy, Civil Liberties and Human Rights to be destroyed.

You have Free Will - never forget it, the people who allowed the Nazis to rule had Free Will - oh and it was the Nazis who forced Jews to be tagged with ID cards - remember? But then you fools don't realise who even funded them - UK and US government and stock markets as well as corporations that still operate today and do sick evil things - leading to the destruction of life.
Voice, 15 years ago.

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