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Re: Passports. As it is obvious that the government will introduce the ID card measure stealthily, bit by bit, I am disappointed that no-one responded to the following comment I put on the site earlier. So, if you don't mind, I'll repeat it in the hope someone has something to say on this point as it seems to be of fundamental importance:-

I don't think I've had a satisfactory answer yet to the problem of their forcing ID cards on us by default via the issue of new passports. Blunkett's lie when the passport issue was first discussed was that the ICAO required biometrics and fingerprints and therefore the extra bit - the ID card bit - would be a small hurdle.

However the ICAO does not require all this but only a facial biometric on the passport, in other words, a digital passport photo. The EU intends to use fingerprints in addition to a digitalised mug-shot but because of the Schengen opt-out the UK isn't required to follow suit. So no-one is forcing us to have fingerprints and extra biometrics on passports and the government is simply relying on people's ignorance of this fact to insinuate the package they want on to us.

Additionally, Parliament has not yet approved any ID scheme that the fingerprints to be collected would be used for. As the deadline for obtaining a passport without its spurious ID accompaniments tacked on, is October this year, how do people avoid getting sucked in, and isn't this all the government needs to do to get its way? - refuse to comply and you don't get a passport!
Judith Chisholm at 15:05 today. Abusive? Report
Judith Chisholm, 15 years ago.

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