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I am uncomfortable with the idea that the reasons to oppose this are in the domain of, the government is not technologically savvy enough to implement it, or that it costs too much. This implies that if, at some later date, they developed the skills to make a good job of it, at a relatively low cost, then it suddenly becomes ok.

IMO the reason not to go ahead with this is that no authority can be trusted with such data and stay trustworthy for all time. IMO no authority has any right to be demanding and holding this level and type of information on the individual citizen. The government should have to justify itself to the populous, the individual citizen should not have to justify themselves to the government. That's just wrong 'in my book', and I suspect, 'in the book' of many others too.

All else is just supportive, and in the longer term, dangerous to push as a prime reason.
Gary, 14 years ago.

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