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Terrorists are like bees. They're little insects that mostly get on with their own busy little lives - when left alone, that is. They have stings in their tails (and bees die when they use them, much like suicide bombers). They often only sting when agitated or threatened, and are reasonably docile at other times.

Anyone who has ever worked with bees will agree that one of the best ways to avoid getting stung is not to go around poking their nests, or invading their territory. Wearing protective clothing (ID cards, restricted civil rights) is a must if you insist on doing this, as you can bet that the bees will try to defend themselves.

To avoid buying expensive protective clothing (or "fixes" for terrorism), just mind your own business. Keep out of their way, and don't interfere in their business. It's cheap! It's easy! Look at New Zealand, for example: Nobody's attacking them, because nobody cares about New Zealand. They aren't a target, because they don't make themselves into one.

Sometimes, discretion is the better part of valour.
Nobody important, 15 years ago.

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