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It seems to me that the whole idea of ID card stopping terrorists is completely absurd, after all the UK issues 25 million visitors visas per year! The only possible reason I can think of for introducing ID cards is to try and stop benefit fraud, which is estimated to be around £2bn per year, now it doesn't take a genius to work out that with the estimated cost of the ID card scheme, currently estimated around £18bn, that it seems a rather expensive solution. To me it's obvious; a photo ID card for Social services (or use passport or photo drivers licence, if possessed), this would cost a fraction of the amount and would in no way be compulsory. Why don't the politicians simply call a spade a spade, it seems to me they are too scared to segregate the population by benefit and fear the backlash so they make up some cock n bull about terrorism, ID Theft! and the rest of it to try and force it on the whole population into accepting something we don't need. I have written to my MP and Tony to state my defiance in registering for the ID card. If 10000 refuse what the hell can they do!
Grant, 14 years ago.

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