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I know some of you know that I recently purchased the domain (as a site to enlighten people to what is really happening in the world with regards to governmental control) and busy trying to get the thing up and running.

I had a thought last night (yes just the one, I don't want to over do it), I have some software that allows me to audio stream through the web site and was thinking along the lines of a pirate internet radio station. "Radio NOID" or something like that where we could broadcast our resitance message to the world.

What I am looking for is anyone who wants to get involed as a DJ, producer etc. The other thing I'm looking for is access to unsigned bands who are opposed to ID who have original music that we could play royalty free (full credits of course).

Nobody would want to listen to us protestors waffle on for hours on end about how bad it would be to loose your freedom and become a number, but if we could get a little entertainment on there maybe we could get some of the younger members of society involved in our campaign?

Sane or stupid idea (get your flame throwers heated up, I can take it)?

Duane Phillips, 15 years ago.

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