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Yes, I realise all that stuff. But it is important to realise where they're coming from and not just call them "scum" and talk about how they hate us all. I think the motivation for ID cards is honourable, but there are significant issues associated with them that are being brushed under the carpet. The potential problems are not outweighed by the potential benefit. The comparison an electricity company is useful because the basic process involved is the same.


The concept of "evil" is entirely subjective. Certainly there are some things that are more or less universally considered evil, but such things very frequently still occur because of some particular justification. The word "evil" in itself is of little use when actually discussing problems and trying to find solutions. I don't think the people involved in anything that has been discussed here have turned to "evil". They may consider their acts "evil", but they most likely believe that they are acting as a force for "good".

This is not Star Wars. The lines are not so clearly defined. We're talking about real people and real politics, not philosophical or religious absolutes.

Anyway, none of this really has much to do with ID cards :-)
Gavin, 15 years ago.

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