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To Judith,

I think that saying people commit acts of attrition just because they are pure evil is a little simplistic. To blow yourself just out of badness would be an act of insanity. The people who murdered last week had motive. They had a belief in what they were doing was for a cause. I'm in no way condoning what they did as I do not support acts of violence all I am saying is don't be lead down a road where everything is black and white/good or evil, the world and the people in it dont follow those rules.

To Gavin,

There is a huge difference between the unique client number my electricity company gives me and an ID card. The customer number just identifies me as a paying customer it doesnt carry information about my religion, blood type, sexual orientation etc and can be used for no more than looking up my electricity usage and whether I've paid or not.

An ID card and the database (this is where the real problem lies) that backs it up could be used and therefore abused due to the amount of information that will be held against an individual's record, with or without that individual's consent.

If you should ask to see your record you'll only get to see the parts that the government wants you to see. Any other information would be withheld for reasons of national security.
Duane Phillips, 15 years ago.

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