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To Duane: You say governments should look at why terrorists do the things they do. Have you never heard of evil? And - heaven forbid - evil people? Some people don't need any 'reason' to do what they do. Were our 'British bombers' (we've been directed not to call them terrorists)justified in doing what they did for reasons of deprivation, poverty, loss of territories, etcetera etcetera? I think not. Plenty of people are poorer, more 'deprived', (and all the other justifications that the meddlers and do-gooders can think up to justify outrageous and unnacceptable behaviour) and they don't go about blowing people up, presumably because they are not evil. Let's face the eternally known fact, if there's good there's also evil.
Judith Chisholm, 14 years ago.

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