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I entirely agree of course that the only way to stop terrorism is to tackle its causes, rather than merely its symptoms, and that the best way to do this is to put an end to the economic and cultural imperialism which is putting other cultures at risk of losing their own identities.

However, one point I must disagree say that "*we* are the root cause due to *our* greed for oil and *our* quest to indoctrinate the world...The rest of the world doesnt want to be British or American so *we* should just butt out" (my emphases). Why "we"? *I'm* not personally guilty of any of these things, and I strongly doubt you are either. The mass protests e.g. over the invasion of Iraq demonstrate clearly enough, surely, that the actions of our government(s) are not representations of the will of the people.

Among the many things I detest about terrorism, this (oddly) is the one I find hardest to swallow: it's just so...unfair. The people killed and injured are (for the most part) civilians who have no control whatsoever over the actions and policies of their government to which the terrorists are objecting - indeed, as the Iraq demonstrations show, in many cases they strongly oppose those policies, and thus do actually *agree* with the terrorists' point of view (although of course not with their methods of expressing it!). If terrorists were to target the government ministers responsible for the policies of which they disapprove, of course it would still be hideously unjustified, but at least it would make *sense* from their point of view. Targetting civilians with no control over the situation, who are themselves often victims of their own governments in many respects, is like having an argument with someone, and making your point by kicking their dog.

So please don't say that "we" are responsible for the root causes of terrorism - we're not. The government is, and it is often *not* representative of our views or desires. Doubtless this fact won't stop them from introducing ID cards for our "protection" though, while they continue to go around the world blindly making enemies for us.

Apologies if this is too far off-topic!
Nic Shakeshaft, 14 years ago.

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