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I'm sure in the of the individuals who instigated last weeks acts of attrition felt perfectly vindicated in their actions but what was their reason for murdering innocent people?

Every story has two sides. I am not taking any side here side here I am just saying look at the whole picture before you pass judgement, this goes for everything you do in life. Do not be blinded by fear, hate or anger. What we must never forget is violence solves absolutely nothing, violence only causes more violence.

What we have to ask ourselves is why people commit these acts? Governments should look at the root cause rather than trying to cure symptoms. Introducing draconian restrictions on people who just want to lead peacefull private lives or raging war against those who seek to hurt us solves nothing.

What we should be doing is removing our need for oil (which seems to be the root cause of a lot of the recent problems in the middle east) by looking at renewable energy sources. I'm sure £18bn spent on a project like that would be far more productive than introducing ID cards.

Duane Phillips, 15 years ago.

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