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Charles Clarke specifically said that ID cards would not have been any use in the case of the London bombings - or at least that they could not have prevented them.

I still do not understand why members of the government think ID cards are a good idea, but constantly talking about how stupid they are and how they are all "scum" makes you sound like extremists. MPs are generally very hard working and tend to be at least reasonably intelligent. The complexity involved in having any real influence in policy creation requires that most people who make the decisions are pretty smart. You may disagree with what they have to say, they may even be highly misinformed, on occaion, but they're not stupid. No matter how much you dislike Tony Blair, he's no fool. I'm inclined to think that his motives are honourable, too, even if he makes the wrong decisions.

The worst thing for any cause is when extremists take over and cloud the issue(s) at stake. Don't let that be you.
Gavin, 14 years ago.

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