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Having returned from America after 30 years where I.D. is compulsory there is a very good reason not to have it. On the part of the American police who can ask you to produce I.D. at anytime, anywhere, even on your doorstep, it produces the attitude that you are guilty until proven innocent. I.D. quite simply destroys the psychological attitude of freedom on the part of individuals, then real freedom ends up being undermined very quickly because everyone becomes used to being compliant to ‘authority’, to refuse to produce I.D. in the U.S. invites arrest. The practical result is it was easy for Bush to destroy the Bill of Rights, the guarantee of every Americans freedom, it has been practically torn up and thrown out of the window with barely a whimper of protest.

On the part of politicians I.D. has nothing to do with public safety, it has everything to do with consolidating power over the people, in turning on its head the principal that government rules with the consent of the people, so that in order to provide a more perfect nation we will all be proper little sheep to tyrants in Westminster or Washington.
richard Pitchers, 14 years ago.

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