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It's been said already on this coments page, but it is worth repeating:

Public sector IT projects have an extremely poor record when it comes to actually producing the project deliverables. Almost without exception, they arrive enormously late, horribly over budget and never work in the way the project was described in the first place.

Given that our government is planning to use this demented scheme to provide us with a single means of proving that we are who we say we are, I can't see anything other than insurmountable problems for the project.

Without even taking into consideration the breach of our basic civil rights, the ID cards are a technically inept method of identity verification. No chance of the data becoming corrupt? Who's kidding who? I work in IT, have done for years, and even the most naive of system admins wouldn't claim that. What happens when your name is the one to be deleted by accident? How do you re-establish your identity then?

I'll sign this pledge with pleasure.
Alex Ferrie, 15 years ago.

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