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John Welford.

They have illegaly monitored all of our electronic communications for decades. Intelligence agencies record and monitor all electronic communications illegal breaking international laws and EU laws including human rights laws.

If we allow this to happen what will we allow to happen next.

Intelligence agencies such as the NSA seem to class themselves to be above all laws when to the genral public they are not supposed to be since we live in a so called 'Democracy' of course that is an illusion also when we live under a Totalitarian Regime.

Search the net for echelon or NSA but you will find documentaries shown on TV from time to time also.

The NSA operate in the North of England in Yorkshire - they spy on all communications Globally (including every citizen)! They also use this same technology (which is around 35 years ahead of our advances we have publically available) to spy on corporations for US corporate/economic gain.
Voice, 14 years ago.

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