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I believe that the same public apathy which makes it hard for sufficient opposition to be marshalled against the introduction of ID cards will work equally well in the opposite direction.

It will be impossible to persuade sufficient numbers of people to register for the card when it comes. Those of us who have not registered will, in my view, be so numerous as to make the scheme unworkable.

After that, we will have on our side the millions who register but are unable to pay for lack of funds.

Thirdly, there will be the inevitable and enormously expensive IT teething problems with the computerised ID card records.

And that is before the enormous expense to the judiciary of going through the prosecutions. Remember the poll tax ?

We may very well not have to argue about whether a terrorist is a bomber or an immigrant after all. In the meantime the money saved should be spent not on schools etc, for all the good they do, but on effective infiltration and neutralisation of those groups who are intent on killing or maiming us. We can argue about civil liberties etc after they have all been either locked up or deported. We need to remind ourselves that if they aren't caught and locked up or deported before they bomb us again, some of us won't be alive to discuss civil liberties.

Peter H.
Peter H, 14 years ago.

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