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The so called claimed responsibility of the London 'bombings' was from a message board as most of you know, but did you realise that after investigators/researcheres discovered the website it had been posted on was hosted and run by the Bush family - later after this the corporate state sponsored terrorism elite must have realised we're not so dumb - they released two more messages on different message boards similar to the first one because the first confirmation which was a hoax anyway was foudn to be linked tot he Bush family.

Phony 'Al-Qaeda' Responsibility Claim a Proven Hoax
Prison Planet | July 8 2005 []
With regard to the so-called claim of responsibility for the London bombings from an unknown Al-Qaeda group which the British government is treating as 'serious,' MSNBC reported,
MSNBC TV translator Jacob Keryakes, who said that a copy of the message was later posted on a secular Web site, noted that the claim of responsibility contained an error in one of the Quranic verses it cited. That suggests that the claim may be phony, he said.
"This is not something al-Qaida would do," he said.
Furthermore, the website posting doesn't even claim personal responsibility, it simply references "the heroic mujahedeen" in the third person. The posting praises the attack, it doesn't even take responsibility for it.
These facts didn't stop countless newspapers and Neo-Con websites automatically assuming Al-Qaeda (or Al-CIAda) was behind the attack.
Voice, 15 years ago.

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