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Now that Blair is EU President he wants to push his agenda through even more:

UK EU presidency aims for Europe-wide biometric ID card

Remember that the US Bush Admin want all Brits to have compatible chips in these ID cards maybe even passports now too unless they go for this option:

UK biometric ID card morphs into £30 'passport lite'

Whatever happens it is clear from now on (and was from the start for me) that we have to defend not only our civil rights , human rights, liberty and freedom but our way of living - we can make this world a better and safer place to live - politicians are a huge part of the problem always have been.

It was clear to me from the start that we had to defend our life - our freedom and human rights from this police state we have entered which if powered by 'Big Brother' elite institutions and corrupt politicians among many others among the corporate state tat rules us.

If we allow these elite to take away our rights, our freedom and our privacy then we will be making a decision for all future generations which will have implanted chips in them at birth and their DNA taken at birth even though they are innocent human beings! This is very real people, many politicians and corporate giants lobby for such things in the United Nations, U.S. Government and European Union which are all owned by Institutions (Banks and Bankers, since 1913 the USD has been owned by them which aided the elite hijacking the USA) plus you all know how corrupt the EU is and how they support corporate state over it's citizens just like the UK, why allow a small ring of the elite to have so much control, so much of our hard earned money? You can be sure they won't put it to any use or back into our country the only part they do put back in goes into the black economy for secret research and experiments (several Trillion a year).

ID cards will most certainly lead to implanted chipping in us and the DNA database we all want to avoid - because the Biotech giants will use it to bioengineer new biowarfare and GM food like they have done in the past.

Don't surrender your life to them by accepting ID cards - or institutions will own you - they are the ones who fund many corporations that have great corporate domination - they are sick (the things they do - if only you all knew).

In light of the recent 'terror' attacks in London now some corporations say they can provide body scanners which would cost between 200,000 - 2,000.000 per station/terminal. Which won't help protect anyone at all - they need to fight the cause not the symptom. Who stands to gain and benefit each time?

Never surrender your freedom.
Voice, 15 years ago.

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