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rob, I think there is a distinction to be made between "conspiracy theories" and the sheer bloody-mindedness of human nature compounded by potential abuse of power.
Example: after the Bishopgate IRA bomb in the early 90s, Police Checkpoints were added to the road systems at main entry points into the City of London (I go past 2 on my regular bus journey into work.)
Anyway, police manning the checkpoints had authority to stop any vehicle they chose and inspect it.
And, as was observed at the time, a somewhat disproportionate number of cars that were stopped were being driven by black males, who are, of course, well-known for being prominent supporters of Irish Republicanism. Not.

The current climate has the potential for this problem to become far, far worse for obvious reasons - merely with different "victims".

The imposition or otherwise of ID cards won't change the actions or attitudes of certain individuals; what matters is the potential for abuse of authority position inherent in them (and in related legislation.)
David Brain, 15 years ago.

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