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The thing to keep in the forefront of our minds (and those of our limited intelligence elected representatives in Parliament) is that regardless of whether a suicide bomber (British, foreign or from Mars) has an ID card or not, the "authorities" will be wise AFTER the event. The terrorist - or "bomber", if that is more p.c. - may have driven a Honda and not a Ford, or liked jam not marmalade for breakfast but if we know this after he's killed himself and other people - so what?

If, on the other hand, the "bomber" manages to escape the carnage is he going to conveniently leave his ID card at the scene so the police can run over to his house in some suburb of Leeds, or wherever, and pick him up?

And even, if by some miracle, he wants to be martyred by British security services (instead of going straight to the 19 virgins waiting for him in Paradise), and some clues lead to him, then he would be only too glad to identify himself as "the one that did it".

How does forcing, and criminalising, all of us decent citizens to have ID cards impact on any of the twisted logic of the kinds of home grown or imported fiends who are prepared to carry out these kind of atrocities?
Judith Chisholm, 14 years ago.

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