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Veronica and pumpkin:
I'm not ordering anyone about, I'm asking very nicely if people would stop putting up conspiracy theories. This doesn't help the cause that this pledge promotes as it makes it appear if people who oppose the pledge are paranoid "whacko's" as I believe the slur goes. The centre (politically) need to be convinced that id cards are a bad idea in order for them to be scrapped, and it would be better for the country if this happened before everyone is fingerprinted and tagged like cattle. There are plenty of reasons to oppose id cards without even bringing the israeli embassy into the debate.

My views on the iraq war are irrelevant to this issue so I didn't mention them. This is not a "being right on" competition. Yes this scheme is a waste of taxpayer's (ie yours, mine, everybodies) money. This could surely be better spent on schools, hospitals, police, foreign aid, and well almost anything else you care to think of. I don't see how pointing this out makes me materialistic. You are quite correct though that there are many other reasons to reject this revolting piece of legislation, the sheer impracticalities for one, and the change in the relationship between citizen and state for another.

I would disagree that this is the thin end of the wedge. The wedge is starting to get a bit thick already, some of the anti-terrorism legislation has already been (ab)used by this government against peaceful, legal protestors.

I'm pretty sure we want the same thing anyway (ie no id cards). All the best.

Judith: This is indeed good news. I too would be surprised now if this legislation made it onto the books.
rob, 15 years ago.

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