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Well,its official folks...Terrorists all carry ID so that the authorities can find it when they bomb us.
It happened on 911 {when a terrorist passport fell out of the wtc,even thou the whole plane vapourised)and it happened in Madrid and London.
Now,aside from the other anomalies in the attack on London,such as the Peter Power interview and the Israeli radio report(both mainstream reports,both now vanished and treated as wacko by all the good sheep),we also have Clarke lobbying the rest of europe for Total Data retention....I ask you...
Scratch the surface,and it stinks...
Now go back to sleep and soak up the messages of the state,while totallly discrediting anything you do not want to believe,by calling them "conspiracy theories".The media is a clever tool ,yes.But it still amazes me how so many people blindly believe everything they see/read...
Silicone Synapse, 15 years ago.

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