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I'm for them in principal, and the cost is not my sole reservation.. I AM concerned about my privacy, especially if it's handled offshore (especially considering my bank, Barclays, offshored their services, only for a number of customers to have their account details sold to the Sun...).
I'm not sure it's going to affect my 'free life' though, if they're used properly. IE: For opening bank accounts, applying for benefits, etc, it's no more inconvenient than having to take a telephone bill or other utility bill (which can easily be obtained should I wish to rummage through someones bin) to prove who I am. It may also help for traffic accidents - I was hit in my car once by an uninsured driver, who gave his brothers details. I think biometric ID cards could have helped prove that.

If it helps cut out petty crime, benefit fraud and identity theft etc, then I'm all for it (apart from the cost, yes!)... but not if they're being touted as a surefire way to combat terrorism (oh, 'bombers', sorry, for the political correctness brigade who have even twisted the BBC's arm into re-editing all it's early footage to change the words 'terrorist' to 'bomber' as it unfairly tarnishes them (!!!!?????)).

I'm not sure where I stand actually.. I was all for them at first... then dead against them when they said they would be compulsory AND have to be paid for by each person... but I'm still in the middle now, leaning towards 'against', as they will not, as has been said before, benefit us from 'foreign visitors' committing crime undetected (even the ones who have been here for some time), and unless they are bomb proof, what good will they be in identifying suicide bombers?
Jason Sheldon, 14 years ago.

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