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No, you can tell when someone is an immigrant when the council stops housing pensioners in a whole cul de sac of maisonettes, and allocates it to the immigrants (legal ones).

Is it not possible to identify an immigrant by sight and sound??

The post office were all to familiar with this chap, as he'd tried it before with someone else, and the woman behind the counter actually KNEW the person whose pension he was trying to collect.

So please don't accuse me in a round about manner of being racist. Do you think, just because this chap happened to be an immigrant and I say that fact, that I have something against all immigrants? I have a problem with criminals, full stop. It doesn't matter to me if they're black, white, legal or illegal immigrants, or members of the clergy... but don't judge MY character simply because I say what I saw. He was an immigrant, ok? We do have them in this country, and it's not racist or illegal to call them immigrants.

I agree it's perfectly legal to pick someone elses pension up with their permission, but not if you're trying to pass yourself off as that person.

Jason Sheldon, 14 years ago.

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