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I'm very surprised no-one has picked up on the fact that the police raided 6 or 7 addresses in and around Yorkshire in the last couple of days, carried out a number of controlled explosions, and believe they know they suspects now. One of whom was reported missing by his parents at 10am on the day of the bombings.

How did they connect the bombings to the Yorkshire addresses?

Good old CCTV footage. No need for ID cards.

That said... I do believe ID cards can serve a purpose, especially in cutting down credit card application & benefit fraud (The number of times I've been in the post office queue and seen some local immigrant youth trying to claim a pension is quite scary!)

Of course, if Credit Card companies keep sending invitations by post with "Guaranteed acceptance"... and not require any biometric data, then it's always going to be open to fraud....

I am still concerned that the technology isn't fully ready, and that our data may be exploited, so for now, I'm still against ID cards... and as long as I have to pay for them myself, I'll ALWAYS be against them.

Jason Sheldon, 14 years ago.

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