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Anthony: A 'true servant of the people' would not have lied to commit British people (troops) to die in an illegal invasion in Iraq. It would heap the iternal shame of millions of innocent Iraqi deaths upon these islands.

Rob: I've just re-read the pledge I signed. Can you tell me where it gives you the authority to 'shout' (in capitals) and order us all about?

Are you a Sergeant Major or something?

You're very materialistic aren't you? It's just a 'waste of taxpayers money, is it'? Well I don't see you jumping up and down about the colossal waste of money, life and limb that is the Iraqi invasion.

In case you don't geddit, Rob, ID Cards are the thin edge of a very big wedge. Brought to you by the same bloody-minded 'Oh, so caring' 'true servants of the people'. Or had you forgotten?
Veronica Chapman, 14 years ago.

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