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The ID card scheme is absolutely insane. Expensive, open to abuse, and technically impractical.

Aside from the civil liberties issues which have been more than covered, no system is foolproof.

Biometrics are a massive con. Aside from the fact that the readers are far from accurate and can be spoofed with ease, what happens when your identity is inevitably stolen?

If someone steals your ATM pin, you change it. How do you change your iris scan? Well, you can do it precisely twice and both times its rather painful.

WHEN your identity is stolen (and an ID card very nicely consolidates all id forms into one easily nickable/loosable/copyable object), you will never get it back... because of course, the system is foolproof. It can never go wrong.

This is something that has been sold by slick marketing people and quangos with interests in the countless security contractors and is not something that is necessary or workable.

Want to stop terrorists? Well, stop bombing their countries would be a good start.
Marcus P, 15 years ago.

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