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I met London Labour MP Kate Hoey today at a function. I asked her about ID Cards. She confirmed she had voted against them and would do so again. I asked her if she thought the bill would be pushed through Parliament. She said she thought not, but that the Lords would anyway either throw it out or dismember it.

I have also been picking up bits of information from radio listener friends and acquaintances all of whom say that the public comments are almost to a man/woman against ID cards (as was the case with the radio "Any Questions" immediately following the London attack). I am telling you this in order to encourage you (and me) to not lose heart and feel that Blair will get the stampede to ID that he wants so badly (why?? - it can only be the US connection).

Speaking to people today as well I feel that the spurious connection made between the London bombing and the blitz is not being swallowed. So, onwards and upwards! We've nearly got the 10,000, let's start the next 10,000!
Judith Chisholm, 14 years ago.

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