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Yeah right! The ID card is to combat terrorism. Firstly the card will not be issued to illegal immigrants or asylum seekers, so this group will have no inspection. The main reason for the card is to move towards and expand a Neo-Conservative one world government and to promote a big brother type totalitarian state in the UK (1984 - George Orwell). In future the population will be required to swipe/register the ID card before any transaction (financial/social etc.) can be completed. Thus tracking purchases and movements of every UK citizen, and building a mass database in order to allow the government to easily increase taxation and to squeeze every last penny from the enslaved workforce. People recognize the need for taxation, but when the revenue is used to conduct illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to manipulate and tilt ecomomies and state politics the world over, those with some vision of reality will protest. Say no to the ID card and help to save the injured planet!
Andrew Jones, 15 years ago.

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