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"Will we go to prison for refusing the ID card?" It is a real posibility as the same Magistrates laws to imprison those who refuse to pay council tax could be used against refusniks, as non-agreement can be classed as a debt.They will want to make examples of the few to deter the majority from dissent.

More worryingly, without an ID card we will no longer be able to verify -to Government satisfaction- our right to access State services such as GP, hospital and education services. The Establishment know they have the poorer sectors of society over a barrel, thus need not use the "prison" stick, as those reliant on State Pension, Child Benefit, Disability or Sickness benefits or Income Support will have these payments stopped. Without "appropriate" documentation, the State will say it cannot be sure payments are going to the right people so are unable to continue paying out. Nice touch for an allegedly Labour government.

For many this is not a consideration. As someone who is reliant on NHS treatment & benefits through disability, stopping this access is blackmail.

But hey, I'm reasonably photogenic & very arsey, and will thrash them in the press when they do. Patricia Hewitt/David Blunkett will rue the day they meet me. :)
janie p, 15 years ago.

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