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To Robert McGregor & Darren:

One must remember that one man's terrorist is another man's fredom fighter and that acts of violence never solved anything.

That is why this pledge is advocating civil disobedience. If ID card's are brought in we're not all going to go and pick up the nearest AK47 or a couple of pounds of C4. Such actions only cause a limited effect and cause the opposition to dig their heels in.

We are going use a far more effective weapon, chaos. Chaos by not conforming by not bowing down. In order for us to raise this chaos we have to stick together, we have to stand united.

In answer to Helen's question if this government chooses to imprison me because I believe what is doing is morally wrong then so be it. At that point we may as all give in as justice and society will have broken down. I suppose now is probably a good time to make a donation to Amnesty International.

Duane Phillips, 14 years ago.

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