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Have you ever stopped to examine your beliefs?
On the one hand you deem it ok to kill creatures because it suits your tastes but then you avow to torture anyone that would harm your family. The bombers view us as you view animals, i.e they'll get away with murder for as long as they can. Eating meat is quite a fanatical pursuit itself, it's amazing how defensive people can get over it. You choose to define meat as not being murder, the bombers choose to define what they are doing as Allah's will. My message wasn't hate filled, it was just very matter of fact, I'm saying that if certain people, like the bombers, have no regard for life then they can't complain if their property gets targetted. Putting devices beneath cars is , in my opinion, barbaric but then so is killing animals for food, the sooner we evolve and stop both evils the better.
When you start to view animals as something more that things then you realise just how precious people are.
You only have to look at the arrogance of the bloodthirsty Hunting fraternity to see how little they think of their fellow man, how many protestors have been killed by them?
NO TO ID CARDS (just so I don't go completely off track!).
Darren, 15 years ago.

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