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yes, all the politicians seem to be praising tony blair for his courage in the wake of the attacks! they are all on side and i see little resistance to the id bill now!!
also i can imagine how public opinion has been swayed!
dont u think its funny how the israeli embassy got prior warning but the public didnt!!
stranger still a crisis management company called visor consultants were hired by another (unnamed!) company to run an exercise involving the mock scenario of bombs going off on the london underground on that exact same day!! imagine their suprise when the 'terrorists' attack not only happened on the same day, but at the same locations and the exact same times!!!!!
strange no one has come forward to claim responsibility!
also strange i find, is the 'terrorists' choice of location!
if they really wanted to cripple our way of life why not bomb parliment, canary wharf, the royals? they could easily of done that!
im afraid my friends the rabbit hole goes very very deep!!!
but one thing i will say is that i shall never be a slave to the system and i will never be a number!!
and i will never believe what i am told by the media.

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fluffy pumpkin, 14 years ago.

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