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Helen: None of us want to make that decision, and at the present time we don't have to.

In 1992 I reached the crossroads over the Poll Tax, and had actually decided to pay the damn thing. Then I went to court and it was such a Kangaroo affair that my resolve hardened, that I refused to 'lie down and let them walk all over me' (so I ended up in prison after all). But they never got their money, and it cost them about £13,000 all told.

It was 'one of those choices I made at the time', and I don't regret it for an instant. The 'screws' were very understanding ... bearing in mind they were being forced (very much against their will) to either pay the Poll Tax or lose their jobs. I was told by a couple of them that - but for their jobs - they would be sharing a cell with me.

And so it will be with the ID Cards. There is every chance that the Civil Service staff will refuse to implement the scheme ... or at least 'bog it down'.

Cross bridges when you come to them.
Veronica Chapman, 14 years ago.

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