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To Duane Phillips,

An ID system whereby you can prove that you are who you say you are, and where nobody else can pretend to be you, would be a good thing, surely! But that's where it should stop. Any digitised biometrics should be verified by a trusted person and stored on the card, only a hash of this information should be stored centrally NOT the data itself. The card owner can then release the hash for verification by providing a biometric and a PIN (There are a whole raft of technical issues here, without rambling on all I'll say for now is that the technology isn't upto the job yet!).

In this scenario the central managing body is not in a position of power so cannot abuse their position.

However, this nannying government has got a bit too big for it's boots and seems to have other ideas to abuse our personal information... I'm seriously thinking about leaving the country!
Rod, 15 years ago.

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