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Darren, there is no need to be nasty and hate filled over my opinions. I agree with you, you stupid dimwit. ID cards will solve nothing.

Christ, if you really want to play a game with semantics then lets begin, but the idiot in the news story was driven by his AR beliefs to murder someone.

Meat is not murder, but that is my personal opionion. Animals do not equal humans, we are not on the same level but again that is my opinion you are entitled to believe what you want but if any AR person hurts me, my family or my friends because they are unprepared to allow me to believe what the hell i like, then I will rip their skin off and dip them in salt.

Still ID cards will achieve nothing.

We now live in a society where our very beliefs and desires are coming under stricter and stricter control. I will soon (i am sure) not be able to buy the fatty foods i love.

Enough of my rant. Darren, just leave it, if you want a public ranting match then carry on but please learn a little politness. It is that sort of reactionary response that leads to the sort of events such as bombs in London. GET A GRIP ON YOURSELF and try to be a bit more civil.

P.S. ID cards will not help at all.
Robert McGregor, 15 years ago.

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