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In response to Darren Wyn Rees:

This is the final push though take up seems to have slowed down since Thursday. We all need to ask our friends to sign. If each us of could get just one more signature imagine what a fighting fund we'd raise plus the number of two fingered salutes we could present to Herr Blair.

To all the people who have posted on here it's been enjoyable to read the various views. Some actually thinking that ID card's wouldn't be so bad they were implemented differently on one side to the other extreme that we should all rise up and form some kind of junta.

I think Phil Booth has done a cracking job bringing us all together under one common banner. I know there are some amongst us who can see that there is a bigger picture and other agendas (me included) but those other things belong to other battles in this war.

The battle we a currently fighting is the one against ID cards and so if we stay united and centred on this cause we will win. If we move off centre towards the extreme edges on both sides we will scare off those we are trying to win over.

Please keep it friendly save the back biting, in fighting and low level flaming it serves no purpose and only lends fuel those we fight against.

On to the 10000 pledge hopefully by the end of this week.

Duane Phillips, 14 years ago.

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