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In reply to Rod

No ID card system can ever be good no matter who it is run by. Any such system no matter how good its intentions, will always be abused by those who have access. Power corrupts.

As for road pricing (I know this is a little off topic but it all comes down to governmental control and the database state), the solution is extremely simple though those in power always want to go for the technological answer. I assume this because some MP somewhere is receiving a back hander or has a directorship in a company wanting to tender in providing the solution for tracking and monitoring vehicles (another example of Big Brother).

The solution to road pricing is very simple. Scrap road tax and up the duty on fuel. Those that drive more miles or drive gas guzzlers pay more. One government policy solved in 10 seconds by an ounce of common sense.

Perhaps the majority of people pledging on here would be interested in forming a new political party which would seek to run the country through the use of common sense and listening to its citizens?
Duane Phillips, 15 years ago.

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