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Hitler and Goebbels would be very proud that New Labour (aka the British Government) have taken up the mantle of 'tatooing' the 'workforce' with an [enforced] identity number! How many [millions] of people living in Germany in the 30's thought what the Nazi's were doing was alright? Does history repeat itself? Does the history of the most evil regimes on the planet repeat itself?

I am opposed to ID cards for one simple reason; most of us already have TWO state issued forms of acceptable identity verification (as far as the Police/other agencies are concerned) - the Passport and the Drivers Licence - what an incredible and unacceptable waste of [our] money for them to issue a THIRD one!

Now if only they [Tony, et al] could think of a way of bringing back the yellow star.......
Human Interface, 15 years ago.

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