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Denis,you stated that:
"we cannot expect that we will EVER be free from people with sufficiently fanatical views that they're prepared to kill in an attempt to impose them on others."
I cant believe you hold this view,and still steer away from the Iraq connection,for the above quote describes Bush and Blair`s War in the middle east.I disagree with the terrorists methods and agenda,but i also disagree with war,for war is Governments "legal" way of creating terror,in order to impose "our" ways on whichever third world counrty we chose.I know you feel Iraq shouldn`t be mentioned here,but im afraid that Iraq is lining the pockets of the same companies who will do very well indeed from the ID Cards.
I also feel that Iraq is relevent here,as it was based upon lies and disinformation,by our polititians,in order for them to pursue their own agenda.Now we are expected to believe that our saftey is their primary concern.Well im sorry,i happen to think that they are far more concerned with their bank balance,and their mechanics of control,than of our collective well being.
Silicone Synapse, 15 years ago.

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