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I must comment on the remarks by Dennis Cooper, who is of the opinion that "some animal rights groups have already engaged in low level terrorism, and it's conceivable that at some point the most fanatical individuals may decide to go further and plant bombs on the Tube." NO-ONE has ever been killed by an animal rights person (although the suffering caused to animals and people alike by animal abusers is on a scale unimaginable by most), and to suggest that at some future, unspecified time AR activists MIGHT plant bombs on trains in order to bring about wholesale death and destruction on the scale of the London bombings is, to be frank, a disgusting and ludicrous idea. I wonder where he gets his info on this? Probably the same source that is so quick to tell us that ID cards, GM food, and fluoride poisoning of the water supplies are very good things. Apologies for having gone off the subject a bit, but clearly this is a disgusting distortion of the truth by someone on a subject he clearly knows nothing about. Chris
Chris, 15 years ago.

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