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I notice that the comments by C H, posted around 22.31 yesterday, have now been removed and that kind of censorship causes me concern. Perhaps the moderator could explain why he/she has done that.

Of course C H was wrong, in the sense that he/she wished to deport millions of innocents in order to perhaps remove a very small number of guilty.

Anyway for this debate about the utility of ID cards as a counter-terrorist measure the motivation of the terrorists is of little relevance.

Some animal rights groups have already engaged in low level terrorism, and it's conceivable that at some point the most fanatical individuals may decide to go further and plant bombs on the Tube. Probably the IRA still has high explosives, and a splinter group could decide to resume bombing. Zionists have a record of terrorist activity in the past, as do Christian fundamentalists, and it's not denied that the French secret service blew up the Rainbow Warrior.

I do believe that much tighter border controls would be an effective and justifiable measure. While of course that would inconvenience innocent people entering and leaving the country, it would be far preferable to have more stringent ID checks at our ports and airports, rather than on our streets.
Denis Cooper, 15 years ago.

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