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A recent justification for ID cards (prior to the London bombing) was ID fraud. This Labour government lie is proved by the fact that payments from government are completed using the claimants National Insurance number. That is, if you receive any benefits, on your bank statement the payment transaction code is your own NI number.(The Job Centre Plus tells me only Family Tax Credit excluded as it uses child benefit number codes).

As the NI is every Brits' entitlement code (for NHS treatment, all benefits, drivers licence, education etc) from cradle to grave, printing it on bank statements only enables criminals to validate a stolen identity. Now all on one easily nicked piece of paper.

It has increaced the face value of bank statements on the black market, be they acquired through burgulary or bin-raiding, and left us all open to ID fraud, the very justification used for the policy.
Janie P, 15 years ago.

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