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Re: the selling of personal details from the National Identity Register, on the back of ID cards. This has happened already, when the government mandated that all benefits were to be paid into a bank. Pension/dole books etc no longer existed meaning claimants needed to open a new account (don't really need one on £55/week).

A newly invented Post Office basic bank account was heavily trailered within all govt literature I received, yet hidden in the small print it says all the details they held on me could, as the property of Citibank, be sold on to third parties. This is legal as Citibank is an American company and as such is not covered by Data Protection Act.

As this government has given previous IT progects to USA companies, it remains to be seen if they follow this trend with ID card/ National Identity Register. If so, any protection allegedly offered the Data Protection Act will be flawed.
Janie P, 15 years ago.

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