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Iraq is not really relevant to the issue of ID cards. Whether or not the invasion has exacerbated the current problem of terrorism, there will always be the possibility that one group or another, somewhere in the world, will believe that their cause justifies the mass slaughter of innocent people in this country. Or it could be just one sick person with a particular bee in his bonnet, who thinks that other people should die because he cannot get his way by peaceful persuasion, or because he's come to hate everybody in the world, or because he wants to extract some kind of revenge. Or it could even be a gang of criminals using the threat of bombs to extort money. All these are possibilities, quite unrelated to Iraq.

The central question is this: "Would the government's scheme to impose ID cards be a cost-effective method to help prevent such acts of terrorism?"

And the answer is "No" - which even the Home Secretary now acknowledges.

So please, could we keep the specific issue of Iraq separate from the more general issue of ID cards as a defence against terrorism, of whatever origin?
Denis Cooper, 15 years ago.

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