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Like everyone, I think the attacks yesterday were barbaric. The bombs were set-off on crowded tube trains without warning to cause maximum death and injury.

The lack of ID cards has nothing to do with yesterday's attacks. In my opinion attacking Iraq has everything to do with these atrocities.

Reducing our civil liberties as the Home Secretary is suggesting will not prevent the cause of these attacks. It may result in fewer attacks perhaps but it will not remove the real cause.

Rather than spending billions on ID cards, we should instead:

1 - Remove our troops from Iraq

2 - Strengthen our police and intelligence services*

Spending billions on ID cards may actually reduce our capability to defend ourselves. Instead of the security services tracking a small number of potentially dangerous individuals, they will have to spend time and resources collecting and analysing massive amounts of data on the whole population.

To further the Home Secretary’s analogy; it will be like collecting data on all the straws in the haystack, rather than just concentrating on the needles. While searching for needles in a haystack is difficult it is not impossible. No one ever said the work of the security services was easy, it just has to be done.

At best the ID card scheme will be a colossal waste of time and resources, at worst it will put in place the foundations for a totalitarian state.

*note - point 2 may not be so necessary if 1 is carried out
Peter Stearn, 15 years ago.

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