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A close friend of mine walked out of Liverpool Street, just 2 minutes before the blast.

There is no way that an ID check would have identified a potential bomber. Anyone could go and buy the chemicals required to make a bomb and would only be detected by a search of their baggage. If I was a tourist (according to my arrival documents) I would easily be able to work with a group that was already based here that performed no evil acts except to supply the bombs to preprepared idiots who wish to be blown up in the name of God (no matter what faith).

The only way to stop this is to develop secular peace and understanding. But then that is another rant for another day.

ID cards would not have helped at all and that is clear. So what are they really for. The only possible answer is to keep close, overt tabs on law-abiding citizens to keep them under control. If someone was to watch your every move with a camera and follow you around day and night you would be upset, yet this is what the ID cards will allow the government to do. And it will allow criminals access to the same sensitive information with ease. Just apply for a job as a data entry clerk at the ID card centre.

Enjoy the last bit of freedom while it lasts... would the last free person in the UK turn off the lights when they leave?
Robert McGregor, 15 years ago.

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