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I think maybe some of the conspiracies are be a sign of the strength of the N02ID campaign, as it's obviously drawing in people of all types of political belief to "unite" against the proposed legislation.
To avoid having to censor/argue against some of the more off topic comments (which are possibly damaging the message that we are trying to convey), could a forum be made somewhere for these more off topic ideas to be exchanged, and reserve this page for comments more directly concerning the "issue"?

Too avoid this comment itself being "off topic", my greatest concern about the ID database is the fact that all our details will be in one "secure" place, creating a "holy grail" for hackers and fraudsters. Can the government guarantee that the database will be 100% secure, years in the future as well as now? If not (as I suspect) and our details are accessed, how many credit cards, loans and criminal activities will we become "affiliated" with? This is the thing that scares me the most about this Bill.
Leigh Stallard, 15 years ago.

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